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1: One Life

2: Beneath My Skin

3: Love Is So Amazing (L.I.S.A)

4: Let It Go

5: In Me

6: Join Together

7: Bright Red Hearts

8: Rays Of Sunlight

9: Bang (You're In Love)

10: Knots

11: Rescued

12: Push Comes To Shove

13: You've Got To Earn It

14: I Won't Conform

15: Hopeful

16: I Don't Think It's Me

17: What If

18: Rock The Boat

19: God Believes In Me

20: Everything Comes To An End




Music is a wonderful thing. It affects so many people in so many ways. It can be subjective to a point where you either love my music or you dont :). Regardless of that, it touches people in ways like nothing else can.


The key thing for when it comes to creating a new song is the melody. It has to have that hook to give it a chance of being remembered time and time again when it hits the radio! Even the roughest demo of an idea can still switch that light on in your heart and soul if it is good! You just know when it feels right...right?

CD ALBUM - Available now.  £6.00 + FREE Postage for UK.


A 20 track CD featuring an array of tracks written and composed by

Nathan Bennett over the past 20 years.




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"Nice tunes you've got there" Dean Friedman, Performer and Songwriter


"Elements of John Lennon which is great to hear" BBC Radio


"Really nice vocal tone and great songs" Hue and Cry